From The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

This game consists of varying paid for commercial use and free to use music.


The main theme of the game is called "Twisted Clowns – a dark and twisted circus inspired piece with a slow, sombre and slightly sinister feel". The game file itself is called twisted_clowns.ogg

Music Unlimited

The audio played when summoning the demon is a reverse of "Halloween Spooky Background Music". The game files for this are cultist_inside.ogg and cultist_outside.ogg.

Joel Steudler

Game File Original Name
dreamdance.ogg Dream Dance

Wandering Wizard can also be found on a different version of the album on Steam:

Game File Original Name
wandering_wizard.ogg Wandering Wizard



Game File Original Name
03myuu_Cloud_Chiptune.ogg 03myuu_Cloud_Chiptune
08myuu_Halloween_Chiptune.ogg 08myuu_Halloween_Chiptune

Suffering Music Materials

Game File Original Name
hallucination_connect.ogg 05幻覚コネクト
jealous_doll.ogg 07嫉妬ドールと救急箱
pandorasyndrome.ogg 10パンドラの箱症候群
snailseyes.ogg 12どうしてカタツムリの目玉がたくさん生えてるの?
sheep_sway.ogg 13ゆらゆら壁の羊が水色なの
dreaming_injection.ogg 15夢見るお注射
sh_cupid.ogg 18自傷包帯キューピッド
pastelvirus.ogg 23パステルウイルス
teddybear.ogg 25遠くで頭のぬいぐるみがこっちにくるの


Game File Original Name
smallmagicbook.ogg 02小さな魔術書
jesters_pity.ogg 03道化師の哀れ
picture_book.ogg 05不思議な絵本
secretrooms.ogg 10秘密の部屋
bells_dark.ogg 11暗闇の鐘
altarlamb.ogg 13祭壇の子羊
oldfairytales.ogg 16古いお伽噺
forest.ogg 17森の息吹
guard tree.ogg 18守り木の下で