Episode 1: The Coffin

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Episode 1: The Coffin

The Coffin is the first chapter of the game. It was made available for the demo version.


Set in a grim setting of 1990s, the siblings, Ashley and Andrew Graves, are living in an apartment with their parents, until the water supply is infected following an outbreak of "parasites" where it leads to the apartment went quarantine, their parents having left them behind to the quarantine due to not having consumed any of the contaminated water, but the siblings are forced to stay.

Three months later, the rest of the tenants inside, except the siblings, desperately starved and beg their contacts to help outside to bring them food due to the staffs declined on feeding them or the guards not giving them any food. Having been ignored and being in the wake of famine and cabin fever, that is until the siblings watch their next-door neighbor, who is a cultist who fell victim to a demon of his own summoning in his own desperation to get out and dies during a botched demonic summoning.

Ashley thinks at the neighbor as "meat", they commit cannibalism by butchering the corpse of their neighbor, so they could both eat him. She exhibits no remorse for the situation, and even taunts Andrew about his unwillingness to eat. Andrew struggles, and we begin to see that maybe the pair aren't the regular siblings they're cracked up to be.

That night, it presents a flashback to younger siblings. Ashley wants to lock Nina in a box overnight for confessing her feelings towards Andrew, who begrudgingly agrees after much argument. Throughout the flashback, it is explained that locking the girl in the box overnight caused her to suffocate and ultimately die due to her asthma, which Ashley uses to blackmail Andrew into staying with her. This causes them to both commit to a blood oath to never speak of the girl in the chest to anybody except themselves.

The following morning, the siblings rush into the neighbor's room to clean a bloody mess if Malcom is here in the same room; notices the neighbor is missing inside, Malcom discovers Ashley in a drawer but swiftly killed by Andrew with a butcher's knife. Out of fear of being caught, Andrew insists that the two find a way out as Ashley leads her way of their attempt to eliminate Dave and another tenant on the third floor who had a sexual relationship with wardens; the latter accidentally killed by him with a nail gun while the former sacrificing him to a demonic entity, offers Ashley a "trinket" which will supposedly give her a clairvoyant dream the next time she falls asleep. The siblings both finally escapes the apartment and takes a bus ride.


  • Room 404, where the Graves siblings lived, indicates the term karmic relationships, in which is a type of relationship where two people come together to work through past life lessons.
    • Room 404 mentions that Andrew and Ashley's relationship in both present and the flashback who worked together for unexpected ways.
  • The title "The Coffin" indicates itself as the apartment, where the neighbors, except the siblings, are starve to death and taken to the hospital for harvesting human organs.