Episode 2: Graves

From The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

Episode 2: Graves

Graves is the second chapter of the game. It was made available for the early-access version.


The sibling having skipped town and take shelter at a room in a nearby motel, in order to lay low after what happened at their apartment complex. That night, when Ashley falls asleep, she is greeted with a premonitory dream that shows both her and Andrew being stabbed to death by a masked figure. Ashley promptly wakes up Andrew, and they leave the motel as soon as possible to avoid their untimely deaths. While they are waiting outside in hopes of spotting their assailant, they bump into a cult member who wears the same robes as their neighbor back at the apartment complex. In an attempt to find out more about the cult and the demon itself, Andrew trails behind the stranger. Andrew eventually makes it into the cult's secret underground meeting space following a first failed attempt. Undercover, Andrew witnesses a summoning ritual that, much to the cult's dismay, is a failure. The cult's leader is also present at this gathering and refers to the demon as "Lord Unknown". Andrew wants to stay longer and gather more information, but he is forced to leave earlier than planned. Andrew and Ashley eventually reconvene in town, where they finally spot the assassin from Ashley's vision arrive at the motel and sneak into their room. They decide to trick the hitman and come up with a plan to lure him outside.

After successfully locating and killing their would-be murderer, they steal his vehicle and skip town again. In a hurry and strapped for cash, they decide the best course of action would be to break into their parents' new house and take some of their money for themselves. On the drive there, Ashley has another dream involving the demon, in which it reveals that the trinket has ran out of "charge", and more souls need to be offered through a sacrifice in order to recharge it. Ashley is woken up by Andrew, who informs her that it's morning. They eventually locate the Graves' parents' house, sneak in, and begin looking for the money. However, this is cut short when Mrs. Graves arrives home earlier than expected, which jeopardizes their plan. Their Mother isn't pleased with Andrew or Ashley's sudden appearance, but reluctantly agrees to let them stay at the house anyways. Following their initial confrontation with their Mom, Andrew and Ashley decide to prepare a dinner for their parents, where they discuss their next move. Ashley insists they must kill their parents in order to gather two more souls to sacrifice to Lord Unknown in exchange for the recharging of the trinket. After the whole family eats dinner, while cleaning the dishes, Andrew begins to start having second thoughts about their plan from earlier, but Ashley immediately shuts down his skepticism. To both of their surprise, Mrs. Graves allows them to stay for at least a couple of nights until they both find housing or jobs.

Andrew falls asleep on the couch that night. In his sleep, he has a dream involving his ex-girlfriend, Julia, and a younger version of Ashley, who goes by the nickname "Leyley". It is revealed that even during his romantic relationships, Ashley maintains her possessive attitude surrounding Andrew's social life, threatening whoever takes him away from her. Julia objects to this, and voices concerns about Ashley becoming too attached to him, but Andrew brushes it off as almost a non-issue, much to Julia's dismay. The girl who died in the box from the earlier flashback is also revealed to be named "Nina". Andrew and Ashley both to commit to a blood oath in which they will never speak of Nina to anybody except themselves.

Following the flashback, Andrew is abruptly awoken by Ashley at the dead of night, where she impatiently has decided to start the ritual at that moment instead of the following day. While discussing their plan, they are interrupted by Mrs. Graves, who is promptly taken as a hostage and tied up downstairs along with their Dad as well. While setting up the ritual, options are revealed to the player which dictate what ending they receive.

Depending on the choices that the player makes in the second episode, there are two possible paths, with certain sub-routes also available. These choices are first presented when Ashley is preparing to sacrifice their parents and recreate the ritual.

Decay Ending

The "Decay" route is one of the paths that can be taken by Andrew throughout the events of the second chapter and ultimately result in a very strained relationship between himself and Ashley. If the player chooses not to trust Andrew to stay alone with their parents in the basement, it will result in the "Decay" ending no matter what. However, the same result can also be achieved if Andrew is trusted to be left alone. An alternate scene plays out, in which Mrs. Graves pleads with Andrew and offers him a new life, away from Ashley and with a new job. Should he accept this offer, it will result in the Decay ending playing out. Regardless of how it is done, if the Decay path is chosen then following the sacrifice and eventual cannibalism of their parents, a dream vision will play out for Ashley as she falls asleep alone. Depending on the player's choices from earlier in the game, the vision consists of either Andrew killing Ashley, or Ashley shooting him to escape her death. After waking up from the dream, Ashley carries on, despite being visibly shaken. After disposing of the remaining body parts of their parents, the pair seals the bones away in trash bags and drive to a bridge to dump them into the water, where the end of the second episode is reached as a revolver and butcher's knife in backside car is visible.

Burial Ending

The "Burial" route is the second of the two main routes that can be taken and can only occur provided that players trust Andrew enough to leave him alone with their parents in the basement, and if they decide to decline Mrs. Graves offer instead of accepting it. In her suspicion, Mrs. Graves finally gets what he's doing to his sister and disgustingly accused him of having a sexual relationship with her, much to their shock.

The rest of the ritual plays out very similarly to the Decay ending, with slight variations in dialogue and tone. Following the ritual and cannibalization of their parents, Ashley and Andrew fall asleep holding the trinket hand in hand. Ashley wakes up in her dream vision that provides much needed insight on her relationship with Andrew up to that point. It is revealed through puzzles and dialogue that Ashley is completely codependent on Andrew due to the fault of their mom's neglectful parenting.

Friendship Sub-route

In Ashley's dream sequence, if you choose to complete the puzzle one of two ways, put those three objects: "Sun" is for the siblings, "Broken Heart" is for Ashley, and "Heart" is for Julia.

A door will open on the right which you can continue through. After completing the additional puzzles, Ashley wakes up, much to her dismay, after seeing no visions. However, the pair carries on, and deals with the final remains of their parents, which results in Andrew and Ashley dumping the bones into the water while standing atop a bridge, reaching the conclusion of the second episode.

Love Sub-Route

In Ashley's dream sequence, if you choose to complete the puzzle in an alternative way, put those three objects: "Heart" is for the siblings, "Sun" is for Ashley, and "Broken Heart" is for Julia.

A door will open on the left which leads to a vision implying that Andrew and Ashley will enter an incestuous relationship together sometime within the near future. They both wake up, and Andrew is flustered, but Ashley is largely indifferent and instead lightly teases him. The ending follows similarly to the friendship sub-route, with slightly modified dialogue and an additional scene, ending on top of the bridge after dumping their parent's bones into the water.

In both ends of Burial route in the second episode, it shows a demonic mark from the entity appearing on Andrew's hand.