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"You're making me do it?? AGAIN??" Andrew after being handed the gun[source]

Andrew "Andy" Graves is one of the two titular main protagonists of The Coffin of Andy and Leyley. He shares this role with his sister, Ashley Graves.

Andrew Graves

Physical Appearance

Andrew is a thin, pale-skinned young man, with emerald green eyes, black uncombed hair, and a black, slightly over-sized jumper. His neck is thin and he shows a vast array of expressions, most of which are apathetic, disinterested, or sometimes irate.

As a child, he often wore light-colored shirts. His hairstyle remains the same, which suggests he has either never changed his hairstyle throughout the years or reverted to his childhood hairstyle during the events of the game.

In-Game Sprite

His in-game sprite is, like the other characters, a stoical grayscale pixel-art version of him.


He has a toxic, codependent relationship with his sister: they enable each other in their insanity which very often borders on its extreme nature such as threatening or actual violence, lengthy conversations about suicide, murder, assault and battery, incestuous feelings, cannibalism, etc.

In the game, his behavior is often times sardonic and cynical, often replying sarcastically or in an exasperated manner. He finds his sister frustrating to converse with, and his being held captive with her only makes this resentment grow. Despite this, Andrew can be seen engaging in malicious collusion with her and they both collaborate to murder and take advantage of the various secondary characters to escape and survive.


Andrew is the eldest and only son of Mr. and Mrs. Graves as a result of a teen pregnancy. Two years later, Ashley was born and their mother tasked him with Ashley's care. Due to their parents' negligence, Andrew was both an older brother and the primary caretaker to Ashley. The two were practically inseparable growing up and combined with Andrew's role as brother and caregiver, led to a codependent and toxic relationship between them.

The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

Episode 1: The Coffin

Ashley and her brother are starved inside the building due to their food supplies running out and the guards not giving them any food, that is until their neighbor dies during a botched demonic summoning. Ashley again pressures Andrew into helping her chop up the neighbor's body so they could both eat him. When the guards finally notice the neighbor is missing, she is getting attacked but the guard is killed by Andrew before she is hurt.

Andrew and his sister now plan to escape but during their attempt end up killing the other guard inside the apartment by sacrificing him to a demonic entity. The siblings both escape the apartment complex and go into the city as criminals running from the law with a now uncertain future ahead of them.

Episode 2: Graves

Andrew's disposition changes by the end of Episode 2, depending on a pair of choices. The first condition is whether or not Andrew spends all of the ammo in Ashley's stolen gun. The second condition is whether or not Ashley trusts Andrew in keeping watch over their parents.

This change in Andrew's disposition also impacts the episode's ending and how the two siblings interact. Their interactions can range from being hostile and terse to affectionate and teasing, and can also reflect on Ashley's sense of safety around Andrew.


In this route, Andrew has a change in disposition: he no longer tries to shift blame of his crimes and accepts them instead. He also suggests that his night terrors lessen and he does not experience insomnia as frequently. The Burial route further splits into two: the Love route and the Friendship route, depending on Ashley's choices in her next vision.

Love Route

This route prominently features a prophetic vision with Andrew and Ashley post-coitus. The two are embarrassed and flustered upon waking up, but seem to grow closer together and no longer fight. This route suggests that their relationship can become sexual, if not romantic, in addition to their familial ties.

Friendship Route

In this route, the siblings do not get a prophetic vision of them post-coitus. According to Andrew, he did not have any vision whatsoever. The two also seem to restrain themselves; they start to set boundaries to their relationship as platonic and familial. Andrew also distances himself from Ashley; he does not enjoy being around her. Yet although he seems annoyed by her, he still shows great care for her and is light with how he teases or insults her.


In this route, Ashley's next vision is interrupted by the presence of an aggressive and hostile Andrew. Although Ashley attempts to escape, Andrew is still able to catch up to her in her vision and holds his cleaver to her neck. The route further splits into two, technically three, outcomes: An Andrew route and an Ashley route. An outcome where Andrew kills Ashley, however, is determined by whether or not Andrew spent all of the gun's ammo on the hitman at the start of Episode 2.

Andrew route

If Andrew spent all of the ammo, Ashley is unable to defend herself and Andrew slits her throat. After waking up, a terrified Ashley tries to check up on Andrew and mend their relationship. This does not work and Andrew becomes distant, even hostile and rude, to Ashley. After they discard their parents' remains, Andrew continues to treat Ashley terribly. Meanwhile, Ashley considers whether or not their relationship is still fine.

If Andrew did not spend all of the ammo, Ashley can choose to shoot him or let him kill her. If the player chooses the latter, Ashley teases Andrew before he can kill her. He whispers, "Then I'll see you in a bit," and slits her throat. The rest of events are the same as when Andrew kills Ashley before she can defend herself.

Ashley route

If Andrew did not spend all of the ammo, Ashley can choose to shoot him or let him kill her. If the player chooses the former, she threatens Andrew with the gun before she shoots. Ashley goes on to shoot at Andrew's corpse multiple times, crying as she does so. The rest of events are the same as when Andrew kills Ashley in either 'no ammo' or 'with ammo' outcome.


  • Andrew debuts in Episode 1 and is first playable in Episode 2. In Episode 2, he has his own dialogue, flavor texts, and interactive choices.
  • Although Andrew has committed both murder and cannibalism, his soul doesn’t appear to be dark and corrupt like Ashley’s.