Ashley Graves/Relationships

From The Coffin of Andy and Leyley


Andrew Graves

Their relationship is a complicated and fundamentally codependent one. Ashley primarily depends on Andrew to survive and they rely on each other to cope with both their initial quarantine neglect and the horrors of murder and cannibalism. This closeness, however, does not exempt them from arguments and violent fights. These arguments are often instigated by Ashley, either by intruding on Andrew's boundaries or by accusing him of disliking or even neglecting her for fear of abandonment. Ashley often relents when Andrew rises to the bait and implicitly threatens her, and cries when Andrew physically threatens her or threatens to leave.

Ashley sincerely believes that Andrew does not like her. She believes that he only keeps her company due to their mother tasking him with her upbringing and for their blood oath from their childhood. At the same time, Ashley believes she is the most important person in Andrew's life and is infuriated at both Andrew's libido and attraction to women, and for women being interested in her brother.

Nevertheless, they at times display a caring and humorous relationship. Although this more humorous side carries some interesting undertones.

Mr. and Mrs. Graves

Ashley has a strained relationship with both of her parents, especially her mother. She resents both of them for not checking up on her and Andrew during quarantine, and dislikes how they would neglect her since they made Andrew her primary caregiver. With her father, Ashley finds him unassuming and easy to ignore. Her relationship with Mrs. Graves is more complicated and she is almost gleeful in being able to hold Mrs. Graves hostage, threaten her, or make her miserable.



Julia is Ashley's only known friend from her childhood, and was also Nina's best friend. According to Ashley, Julia would also make excuses to avoid hanging out with Ashley even before Ashley could share information on event dates and such. Their relationship started to fray after Nina's death and continued to fall apart after Julia started dating Andrew.

For the time that Julia started dating Andrew, Ashley would repeatedly harass her via death threats and voice mails. Her harassment ranges from slutshaming Julia as a 'whore' to attempting to trigger Julia's tendency to self-harm.


A childhood friend of Ashley's and the first victim of Andy and Leyley. According to Ashley, Nina would also make excuses to avoid hanging out with her before she could even share information on event dates and such. This changed when Nina confessed that she had a crush on Andrew and Ashley felt betrayed by this development.

When Ashley wanted to punish Nina, she did not care if Nina's asthma was triggered nor when Nina had actually died. By the current events of the game, Nina's death remains a 'justified' outcome to Ashley and she still refers to Nina as a 'bitch.'

Possible "act of maturity"


In the room 302 on the 3rd floor Ashley and Andrew made her to convince Warden Dave to room 405 for Ashley to sacrifice him to the Demon by holding her at knife-point by Andrew and his legendary, people cutting, soup making cleaver, while Ashley was performing the ritual Andrew was supposed to stay and keep and eye on her but Andrew let her go and she tried to stab him with a nailgun... Didn't succeed, instead got stabbed to death by Andrew.

After Ashley returned she accused Andrew of having an "act of maturity" with her and a big fight broke out resulting in Andrew almost choking his sister to death. Although Andrew claims he didn't do anything with the Lady, Ashley believes otherwise.