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Julia is a character in The Coffin of Andy & LeyLey. She is one of the girls who had taken a liking to with Andrew Graves, earning the ire of his sister Ashley Graves, who hounded her to the point of suicidal depression.


Physical appearance

Julia has messy, medium hair that forms a bang covering her left eye and yellow eyes. Her face is covered with freckles, and is said to resemble Ashley Graves otherwise. She wears a sleeveless shirt and a pair of armwarmers (it's heavily implied that the armwarmers are covering self-harm wounds).


Because of Ashley's relentless bullying, Julia is a meek girl, seen when she had a difficult time bringing up the issue of Andrew often canceling on her last minute to accommodate to his sister. In her interactions with Andrew, she is soft-spoken and somewhat sensitive, noted by when Andrew questions when he ever raised his voice at her/ When bringing up the issues Julia was having with Ashley, she did not reprimand Andrew for often canceling things with her and only wanting Andrew to spend more time with her. Additionally, Julia perceives Ashley as difficult, muttering it under her breath when Andrew mentions her being difficult to read.


Julia was a friend of Nina and one of the girls who tried to hit on Andrew. When Nina died, Ashley went to meet her and asked her if she expected to see somebody else.

During an unknown period between Nina's death and the ToxiSoda lockdowns, Andrew began dating Julia. Since she reminded him of Ashley, he would often tell her to tie her hair into a ponytail and pull it as a way to show his love. This earned Ashley's ire, so she sent her a bunch of death threats and harassed her with 127 slut-shaming voicemails. It's implied that she drove Julia into slitting her own wrists and attempting suicide at least once.

At some point before the lockdowns, Andrew went to talk with her about Ashley personally, where she asked him to teach her some independence and not cancel their meetings and cut short on them short just because his sister asked him to. He then hugged Julia one last time and asked her to tie her hair to a ponytail, which she jokingly refused.

The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

Around a month into the ToxiSoda lockdowns, Julia broke up with Andrew over the phone because of Ashley's constant harassment and not meeting him for a long time.