From The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

Nina is a minor character in The Coffin of Andy and Leyley. She was a playmate of Andrew and Ashley Graves. As a result of one of Ashley's machinations to keep Andrew to herself, Nina was killed from asthma-induced asphyxiation after being locked in a dusty box overnight.


Nina was a friend of Julia. At some unknown time, she befriended Andrew, and later on his sister Ashley. However, Ashley would soon start to dislike Nina because she had a crush on Andrew, though did not express these feelings until later on.

Playing Hide-and-Seek with the Graves Siblings'

In one of Ashley's memories, she was playing hide-and-seek with her brother and Nina. With a look of mischief, Leyley picked Nina as the seeker and commands her to count to 100. Nina eventually finds them in a box, then Andy is chosen as the seeker and he goes to count. Meanwhile, Leyley brings Nina to "the best hiding spot of all".

However, Leyley had other ideas as she swayed Nina to a large dusty chest big enough for Nina to curl into a ball, to which Leyley commanded Nina. After which she locked the chest with a piece of wood, Leyley announced that Nina had to stay inside that box overnight, which brought dismay for Nina. Nina was in more disbelief when Andy didn't help out when Leyley was trapping her.

The cover-up of Nina's Death

After a certain amount of time passed, Leyley and Andy opened the chest. Nina died due to an asthma attack from the dust. Andy became aghast as he peered over her lifeless body and yelled at Leyley as he was worried that they would get caught and go to prison and can't take care of her. Leyley calmed Andy down and assured him that wouldn't happen to them as they would hide the body in a dug-up hole in the park. Afterward, Mrs. Graves secretly assisted in hiding the body as to not get her kids arrested.