From The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

The proof of her reputation and possibly flooding of nsfw artists

"Lady" (Fan-made name) is a character in Episode 1. she got food (potentially by either not being AB blood type or doing questionable things with the wardens (You know which one it was)) and played video games all day. She lived on the 3rd floor on the apartment in room 302 and had quite the reputation there. She was used by Andrew and Ashley to lure Warden Malcolm to room 405 to have a "fun time" but in reality, he was sacrificed by Ashley to the demon via a ritual.

Andrew let Ashley perform the ritual because he was intending on killing her from the beginning to leave no witnesses behind but hesitated and ultimately decided not to tell Ashley he intended on killing the Lady, The reason for his hesitance was that Ashley was thinking of possibly sacrificing the Lady’s soul too, but to Andrew’s reasoning, her lazy ass wouldn’t leave room 302. When Ashley left, Andrew slit her throat and cleaned him and the cleaver up.

Upon Ashley’s arrival back to the room, Andrew lies to her, saying that he let go of the lady because he thought as long as he had the cleaver in his hands, she wouldn’t try anything. Expanding his own lies, he says that the Lady tried to shoot him with the nail gun, near the undone desk.

Ashley doesn’t believe Andrew, but not because the Lady was killed on the bed where Andrew was holding her or a nail gun being in the same place, but because she thought Andrew wanted to “dip his dick into some bitch“ which Andrew denies. They get into a heated argument but in the end, they stick together. Her remains were probably burned in the apartment fire from Ashley accidentally leaving her oven on

Her appearance is 'pretty' based on the judgement of Andrew after Ashley wondered why she had received food. She has medium sized hair, reaching the length of her shoulders. It is messy and out, seemingly being of a light hue and can be assumed to be blonde. Her eyes have additional tiny pupils and a loop inside the iris.