Mr. Graves

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Mr. Graves is the husband of Mrs. Graves and father to Andrew and Ashley Graves. He is mentioned in Episode 1 and officially appears in the game by Episode 2.

Physical Appearance

Like his daughter, Mr. Graves has dark hair and pink eyes; the difference between them is that Mr. Graves's eyes are somewhat duller in color. He also has prominent lines under his eyes that reflect his age and weariness. He also wears dark pajamas for his sleeping clothes. According to Andrew, he has faint rope burns across his wrists.

In-Game Sprite

His sprite is a stoic and gray-colored pixel-art version of himself. Mr. Graves also has a drooping, frowning expression similar to Ashley's in-game sprite.


Much of Mr. Graves's personality is derived from his children's impression of him, and how he converses with them in contrast to his interactions with his wife in Episode 2. To Andrew, his father was once actively suicidal and has been a pushover for as long as he remembers. Ashley shares this same impression, but can see that her father cares for Mrs. Graves enough to attempt to scold Ashley or get her to stop from nicking Mrs. Graves for her blood.


Not much is known about Mr. Graves, not even his approximate age. When Mrs. Graves was only fifteen, the two had Andrew; Ashley came two years later. He and his wife would move into a two-bedroom apartment where they would raise their children. Or more accurately, Mr. and Mrs. Graves would work and task Andrew with raising himself and Ashley.

Prior to the events of the game, Mr. and Mrs. Graves stay at a hotel instead of joining Andrew and Ashley in quarantine. In Episode 2, Andrew and Ashley learn that their death certificates were processed as early as the start of quarantine. According to Mrs. Graves, the couple were referred to a surgeon who declared the siblings dead. Mr. and Mrs. Graves then get a pay out for the siblings' life insurance and buy a new house at a pleasant neighborhood. Here, they grow a vegetable garden in their backyard and oversee house renovations; they also seem to have an active sex life.

The Coffin of Andy and Leyley

Episode 1: The Coffin

Andrew briefly mentions him and Mrs. Graves by telling Ashley that they should not attempt to contact their parents to avoid authorities who may look for them after their escape and committed crimes.

Episode 2: Graves

Andrew and Ashley are able to find and break into the Graves couple's house, where they learn that their parents lived pleasantly in contrast to their quarantine. When Mr. Graves comes home, he finds his officially dead children cooking dinner for him and Mrs. Graves and is as 'enthusiastic as a dead fish' in greeting them.


  • Mr. Graves's in-game sprite mirrors Ashley's in-game sprite as both are drooping, frowning expressions. This mirror is parallel to Mrs. Graves's and Andrew's own mirror expressions, which are flat and neutral.
  • It is possible Mr. Graves may not have been as willing to abandon and condemn the Graves siblings as Mrs. Graves. This is implied both by him having no backbone and listening to their Mother (Much like Andrew) and by the fact his soul is shown to be normal in Ashley’s dream while their mothers is black.